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Lab trainee position # Vienna # Institute of Molecular Pathology

Lab Trainee (part time: 10-15 hours/week) The Cochella Lab at the IMP, Vienna, is looking for a motivated Bachelor Student who wants to gain experience in a vibrant and international research environment. The Cochella lab is interested in how multicellular animals are built during development and addresses this question in a tractable animal model, the … Continue reading

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6 months Internship in stable cell line development # Roche # Germany

In this internship you will be working on the development of recombinant stable cell lines by targeted integration, for the production of monoclonal antibody. Additionally, you will work on the cloning and development of novel antibody formats for the use in diagnostic assays. Another part of the internship will be the development of optimized transfection … Continue reading

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Paid 6-month (600 Euro/month) Research Internship in Inorganic Medicinal Chemistry, Pasture Institute, Paris

In the context of a collaborative project, the groups led by Dr. Gilles Gasser (Chimie Paris Tech, PSL Research University) and Dr. Marcel Hollenstein (Institut Pasteur) are looking immediately for a student (BSc or MSc) willing to undertake a 6-month research internship in chemistry. Project This project aims to prepare selective metal-bases photosensitizers for the … Continue reading

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Summer School Molecular Medicine with chance to join PhD position August 14th – September 14th, 2017, Jena, Germany

The Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research of the University Hospital of Jena invites young scientists from all over the world to participate in the Summer School of Molecular Medicine. The Summer School will be held from August 14 till September 14, 2017, in Jena, Germany, and will provide an excellent opportunity to get familiar with … Continue reading


Master position – Leeb Laboratory. The application deadline is Feb 28, 2017

The Leeboratory explores key regulatory mechanisms that determine and maintain cell identity during development. For this we use genetics and biochemistry in stem cell culture model systems, including haploid embryonic stem cells. We have an open position for a Master’s student in the lab. Your project will involve embryonic stem cell culture, CRISPR/Cas based genome … Continue reading


Master position – Tessmar-Raible/Nowikovsky Labs

27/01/2017 Masters thesis bridging basic science and translational biology in neuroscience Title: Disease modeling / drug screening in a genetic mitochondrial disorder Topic: Genetic diseases causing epilepsy not only affect the patients but also people surrounding them. Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS) is one of such diseases leading to epilepsy and LETM1 is among the genes … Continue reading