Lab trainee position # Vienna # Institute of Molecular Pathology

Lab Trainee (part time: 10-15 hours/week)

The Cochella Lab at the IMP, Vienna, is looking for a motivated Bachelor Student who wants to gain experience in a vibrant and international research environment. The Cochella lab is interested in how multicellular animals are built during development and addresses this question in a tractable animal model, the nematode C. elegans. We are looking for someone who is responsible, detail oriented and motivated to contribute to a number of ongoing projects in the lab. Tasks will include the generation of wild type and transgenic C. elegans for diverse biochemical applications. This position requires working closely with Ph.D. and Master students, postdocs and technicians in a friendly and fast-paced environment.

We are committed to training the selected candidate in microbiology and molecular biology techniques, as well as in the handling of C. elegans. The working language is English. Working hours are flexible and can be accommodated to fit class schedules.

Interested candidates should send a short letter of motivation to Luisa Cochella by February 28th.

Luisa Cochella, Ph.D.

Group Leader

IMP Research Institute of Molecular Pathology

Campus-Vienna-Biocenter 1 1030

Vienna, Austria

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