Molecular and Cell Biology of Membranes B. Brügger, S. Emr, J. Nunnari, C. Schultz EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Sunday 21 May – Tuesday 23 May 2017


Registration – 9 Apr 2017

Abstract – 26 Feb 2017



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  • Intracellular lipid homeostasis
  • Regulation of lipid synthesis and transport
  • Protein-lipid interactions
  • Functionalised lipids and novel tools to study lipids in cells

Why attend?

A comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms of lipid transport and membrane biosynthesis and homeostasis pose a major challenge to cell biology, and we are starting to see analytical strategies designed to measure and see lipids in biological systems. This symposium focuses on recent advances in understanding molecular functions of lipids in cells and in novel technologies to study cellular metabolism, transport, localisation and function of lipids.


This timely symposium will showcase recent advancements concerning the lipid composition of various organelles, the characterisation of specific intramembrane lipid-protein interactions, the regulation of lipid synthesis and transport and the development of tools such as photoactivatable and caged lipids.

Who should attend?

PhD students, postdocs and principal investigators working in the field would benefit from attending this conference.

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