6 months Internship in stable cell line development # Roche # Germany

In this internship you will be working on the development of recombinant stable cell lines by targeted integration, for the production of monoclonal antibody. Additionally, you will work on the cloning and development of novel antibody formats for the use in diagnostic assays. Another part of the internship will be the development of optimized transfection protocols for antibody production. After an intensive training in the basic techniques of stable cell line development, in

molecular biology and biochemistry, you will work as an intern / in current projects in the field of personalized medicine.

• You will assist the group in the development of stable cell lines for multiple projects

• You will be responsible for the cloning, sequence verification and production of

recombinant antibodies

• You will characterize the antibodies with a wide range of different test methods (ELISA, FACS analyses, Western blot, bioanalytical methods …)

• You will assist the group in optimizing existing and developing new processes for

transient transfection and stable cell line generation

• You will document your results and present them at group meetings


The internship can start immediatly for a period of 6 months.


Please apply online and only with a valid matriculation of your University.
 Who you are
  • The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:

    • You are a student / in the fields of biotechnology, biology, biochemistry, chemistry

    • You have basic theoretical and practical knowledge of molecular biology and protein biochemistry techniques

    • You are proficient with common software (for example, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

    • You have good interpersonal and written communication skills.

    • You are self-motivated and capable of working in a team environment.


    Frau U. Niehues +49 8856 60 2567
    Apply online : http://www.roche.com/careers/jobs/jobsearch/job.htm?id=E-00451693&locale=de&title=Internship+in+stable+cell+line+development

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