Two Master Projects (Biology/Zoology/Molecular Biology): Effects of climate change factors on Decapod crustaceans

Faculty: Bachelor/Master Thesis
Job type: Full time
Location: Bremerhaven


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Faculty: Master Thesis
type: Full time
Location: Bremerhaven

Alfred-Wegener-Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Biosciences, section Integrative Ecophysiology

Start date: Immediately

We use physiological, biochemical and molecular methods to study how temperature and ocean acidification acutely and chronically affect hormonal regulation of moulting and growth in Decapod crustaceans. We focus on cellular signalling mechanisms within tissues that control the moulting cycle, and on mechanisms that are involved in the cross-talk between organs.
Different life history stages of species from temperate and subpolar latitudes may vary in their capacities for growth, hormonal, acid-base and ion regulation. This may contribute to different thermal tolerances and sensitivities to climate change scenarios.

Project 1: Cellular signals of thermal limitation and growth throughout the moulting cycle of the Dungeness crab
–    Prepare and analyse tissue extracts
–    Quantify phosphorylation of signalling components (Western blots or ELISA)
–    Quantify expression of signalling components and other relevant genes (qPCR)
–    CHN analysis

Project 2: Moulting and growth in Sub-Antarctic crab larvae dependent on climate change factors
–    Rearing and sampling of crab larvae
–    Monitoring hatch and survival rates, moult stage
–    Quantification of moulting hormones (ELISA)
–    CHN analysis
–    Ion chromatography of haemolymph

Previous practical experience in biochemical and molecular methods as well as rearing small aquatic specimens are a plus.

Please submit your application to:
Dr. Astrid Wittmann ( 0471/4831-2288

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