Paid Master position – Djinović/Obinger Labs

From recombinant protein production to X-ray structure analysis

Heme enzymes conduct a large variety of chemical functions and the catalytic versatility of the heme is directed toward a particular function by the protein environment. In order to fully understand the underlying principles of those often highly complex modes of action, it is of prerequisite to obtain structural information about the protein under study.

For this project, we focus on representatives of a very recently discovered structural superfamily of heme enzymes (CDE-superfamily), which share a conserved fold but differ in the reactions they catalyse. We aim on the elucidation of reaction mechanism on the basis of comprehensive structural information obtained by X-ray crystallography combined with biochemical and biophysical analyses.

We are looking for a highly motivated Master student with interest in biochemistry and structural biology.

We offer a Master’s thesis on an exciting project which is coordinated by and conducted in two labs. Christian Obinger (BOKU) has long-lasting experience in the field of heme enzyme production, purification and biochemical and biophysical characterization. Kristina Djinović Carugo has profound expertise on X-ray crystallography structure determination and the most recent and advanced structural biology methods. See her group page for more info. The student will be supervised and trained in recombinant protein production and purification, the process of crystallization and methods of structure determonaton and refinement.

Preferred start date: as soon as possible. Master’s students will receive a stipend (equivalent to the FWF “Forschungsbeihilfe”) of about 440 Euro/month.

Please send your application, including a CV and a cover letter stating why you want to work in our group to:

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